Born and raised in Buffalo, New York; Born Again in 1986; filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues in 1990. Accepted call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 1986, licensed to Preach in 1987, and ordained to Pastor in 1991 by the Bear Creek Baptist Association; in the late 90's united with the Original Tabernacle of Prayer for all People, Inc., under the leadership of the Late Apostle Lawrence Bogier, was consecrated and sent by Apostle Bogier to the Florida area to Pastor; have traveled and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world in Churches, tent crusades, in hospitals, prisons, by radio and television media; have hosted numerous conferences, revivals and healing crusades. Bishop Johnson has a passion for the healing ministry, and operates under a strong accurate prophetic and teaching anointing. Served in the United Stated Air Force for almost a Decade; while serving he received numerous awards among the prestigious San Angelo, Texas Chamber of Commerce Speech award; He completed service to his country with an Honorable Discharge; he is a graduate of the Air Force Leadership School; earned his B.A Degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University and currently pursuing his Masters in Philosophy; He is happily married to Tracey L. Johnson and their two sons are Darrian and Damarius.